"SERVING MEXICO THROUGH MEDICINE***                                                                                                  ***SIRVIENDO A MEXICO POR MEDIO DE LA MEDICINA"

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    Medi-Mex, Inc. is a not-for-profit Christian organization supported by volunteers and donor giving.  Medi-Mex and its partners are working to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor of Mexico. Since 1990, the needy people living in Mexico's Baja Peninsula have been helped with medical equipment and supplies, along with thousands of pounds of food, clothing and toys.

    The need in Mexico is great, and so is the work being accomplished.  Your support, translated into volunteering, medicines, medical supplies, clothing and other charitable donations, is needed to continue the sharing of God's love in Mexico.


    Living in the Midwest, we never expect to see real hunger and starvation, and life and death, at their bare granite existence:  skin-and-bones children with pot bellies living in 10-by-10 foot cardboard huts and going to sleep hungry at night.  Such an experience is like speeding along on a plain of prosperity and suddenly plunging off a cliff into poverty.


    Each year, Medi-Mex,  Inc. and the people who help support it, touch the lives of thousands of Mexicans and Oaxacan Indians living in Mexico's Baja Peninsula.  This unique organization was founded in 1990 by northwest Indiana residents Jerry Cassity, Rory Melendes and Ken Vanderhye.

    A bit of hope.  A little, simple human dignity.  A dose of good medical care and nutrition.  These are the goals of Medi-Mex, Inc. a non-profit organization.

     Medi-Mex volunteers donate their time, talent and resources to spend an average of seven to ten days at a time working in the Baja of Mexico.  These volunteers offer a wide variety of gifts, from nursing and medical skills, to carpentry and construction.  Working together, they make a difference in a country that modern medicine, technology and sometimes, even compassion, seem to have forgotten


     Medi-Mex has secured and transported large amounts of medical  equipment and supplies to Mexico.  Cardiac monitors, heart defibrillators, incubators, laboratory equipment, surgical equipment, medicine, and hospital beds, all donated by Midwest physicians, medical supply corporations and hospitals.

    In addition, Medi-Mex delivers clothing, food and blankets to families living amidst filth and poverty in ramshackle camps in Mexico's Baja Peninsula.  And, Medi-Mex volunteers escort Mexican children who are in need of specialized surgery to participating doctors and hospitals in northwest Indiana and Chicago.



    If you'd like to learn more about Medi-Mex and how you can help, contact one of the following Medi-Mex board members:

    or contact us by mail or by E-mail

            Medi-Mex, Inc.
            P.O. Box 5146
            Lansing, Illinois 60438

   Affiliated Office:

            Clinica Sta. Maria
            P.O. Box 78
            San Quintin, B.C., Mexico 22940